Proyect Cervantes

Activiy 95

Cervantes is one of the most important writers of the Spanish literature and his book, El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha is a reference in the international literature. But, what do you know about Cervantes and El Quijote? Look for information and write an essay in your notebook about this. You can add photos, drawings, etc.
These are the things that you must include in the project, explain them carefully (not only with one sentence, in brackets I give you an idea of how long it must be, but you can write more if you are inspired!). And be careful with your English!

a)       Write about Cervantes' life, where is he from, childhood, family, wife, children... (2 paragraphs more or less)

b)       Write a summary of El Quijote. (3 paragraphs more or less: 1st paragraph-introduction, 2nd paragraph-what does he do, 3rd paragraph-ending)

c)        Explain one of the adventures of El Quijote: example, the fighting with the windmills. (1 paragraph)

d)       Describe the main characters (you can add a drawing or picture): Alonso Quijano (El Quijote), Sancho Panza, Dulcinea and Rocinante. (1 paragraph per character)

e)       Explain which one you like most and why.  (1 paragraph)

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