Period of time BEFORE the invention of writing (3.000 BC)

Period of time AFTER the invention of writing (3.000 BC)

- It began with the origins of human race and ended with the invention of writing.

- It is divided into three periods: 

5 millions years ago - 10.000 years ago
10.000 years ago - 7.000 years ago
7.000 years ago - 3.000 B.C.
Where did they live?
In caves
In settlements, villages and towns
First cities: with walls for protections and canals for water to cultivate. Example: El Argar in Spain
How did they live?
They were nomads: they move looking for food
They were sedentary
They were sedentary
Did they live in groups?
In family clans
In clans and tribes
In tribes
They hunted animals, fish and collected fruits and plants
They cultivated plants (agriculture) and raised animals (cattle - ganadería)
They cultivated plants (agriculture) and raised animals (cattle - ganadería)
They used tools of stone, bones and wood
They used stones to make tools.
They manufactured products such as cloth, baskets and pottery
They used metals like copper, tin, bronze and iron to make tools and weapons.
They made jewellery with precious metals (gold and silver)
Fire: for protection, cooking, light and being warm
The agriculture to cultivate food in one place
The wheel to create new forms of transport.
The sail for boats to go faster.
The plough (arado) to cultivate
Altamira Caves in Cantabria (Spain)
Cave paintings with human figures, very schematic
Monuments with big stones: megaliths. For example Stonehenge in England (UK)

  1. Why was the fire so important?
  2. How long did people live in the Paleolithic?
  3. In the Paleolithc, where did they build the houses?
  4. What did people paint in the caves in the Neolithic?
  5. What were the first domesticated animals?
  6. What were the first plants people cultivated?
  7. What does Neolithic mean?
  8. How were the first cities?
  9. What were the houses in the Metal Ages made of?
  10. Why was the wheel so important?

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